HE-12plus Black Holes Workshop -5th December-2pm


HE-12plus Black Holes Workshop -5th December-2pm

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Come to explore Black Holes with us in our Home Education Workshop Group 12 plus. 


The old concept of gravity is, “What goes up, must come down.” However, in space, there is no “up.” And, if an object gains enough velocity (on Earth’s surface this is 7 miles per second), it can escape the gravity of another object. It doesn’t “come down”. We explore gravity’s role in the formation of stars and solar systems. Further, we explore how the crush of gravity within stars forms heavier elements out of lighter ones including Carbon, Iron and Oxygen - the actual atoms in our bodies - during supernova explosions. Then, we explore gravity to the max. What happens when the mass and density of an object is so great that its escape velocity is more than the speed of light? By viewing the immersive, full-dome Spitz film “Black Holes - The Other Side of Infinity” we will explore models of extreme gravity and how scientists are currently investigating this phenomena.


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