After School Sensory Relax and Reflect time-14th June


After School Sensory Relax and Reflect time-14th June

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After School Relax and Reflect Time.

A guided meditation and mindfulness practice. Learn how to relax with progressive muscle relaxation and breathe control techniques. The meditation allows you to fully relax your body and mind. Using the senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell, it will help you to associate your body with a feeling or emotion. In addition the Planetarium will create for you a 3Dimensional experience. 

This meditation is aimed for age 3 and upwards, specially design for an after school activity.  The price is £8 for a 45 min session. 

Starting Friday afternoon from 4:15pm till 5pm at The Science zone. 

Please book online your space  in the workshop now!  Or Call 01202729206 today.

Don’t forget to bring something you will be comfortable to lay on (towel, yoga mat etc.)

DBS Checked and fully qualified holistic therapist.

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