PLANETARIUM NIGHT TIME SKY SHOW-Science Festival-26th Jan-11am-4pm

PLANETARIUM NIGHT TIME SKY SHOW-Science Festival-26th Jan-11am-4pm

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(This festival is link to the 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley).

 We are very excited to announce our first Science Festival of the year. Put these dates in your calendar 26th and 27th January and come along to enjoy this fun and educative festival with us. From 11am until 4pm we’ll be offering shows in the planetarium and also in our giant 5m tall outside dome placed in the arcade arena. One dome will be focused on Dinosaur at the dusk and the other dome will be showing night time sky show. Our presenters will conduct you in a trip to the moon, Mars and stars.

With one of the most advance planetarium system in the market which we will be using to give a tour of the night's sky, constellations, planets, and with a team of professional presenters this is defintely an event not to be missed. Our projectors use actual film of the real night sky and project a star field accurately with 10,000 stars. The star field moves across the dome also showing shooting stars and the moon.

NOTE: For planetarium children must be accompanied by an adult. Aged 2 and under is free.  TICKET FOR DOME IS PER PERSON (ADULTS NEED TO BUY A TICKET AS WELL).

Oh! and we haven’t forgotten about our demanded science experiments, THE FAVOURITES OF OUR YOUNG CUSTOMERS. Our young scientists will explore the different type of materials and reactions through a good mix of gooey and fizzy experiments.

Dome shows every 30 minutes. All activities at £2. Make the most of this special weekend and try it all!.

Book your slot online to ensure your place in this January Sience Zone Festival.

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