MARS SHOW 24th July-11am and 2pm

MARS SHOW 24th July-11am and 2pm

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We have a new planetarium show and workshop for all the family – ‘MARS SHOW!’ come and join us for 40 minutes on the dome showing real pictures of the surface. Here is some amazing facts;

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity loves to take self-portrait from at Gale Crater during a growing dust storm. Since then, the dust storm has engulfed all of Mars.

#DidYouKnow that NASA Spirit and Opportunity Mars Rovers were only supposed to rove around the Red Planet for 90 days? Discover three reasons why DAYS turned into YEARS in our new Mars workshop. We use a Digitarium All Terrain planetarium system to show you the real surface of Mars using real NASA data.

This workshop is aimed at children aged 6 years and upwards and costs £6 (VAT included). There are two sessions available at 11am and 2pm. Pre-booking and payment is required in advance. We do require a parent or guardian to stay with attending children for all of our sessions. One £6.00 (VAT included) ticket entitles 1 CHILD and 1 ADULT to attend a Science Zone Workshop. Please note there is an additional charge of £2.00 for any extra non participating children and/or adults limited to three per workshop due to space constrictions.

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