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Dinosaur Dome is an unique workshop offered to schools across the whole of the UK. The workshops consist of a visual experience in a dome with 360 degree films and clips of dinosaurs and Jurassic landscapes. The workshop also includes the pupils holding real dinosaur fossils, bones, poo, and teeth. Models of dinosaurs are also used which the very young and hold and examine. The whole experience is then taken into the dome for a wow experience of a dinosaur screen view in 360 degree immersive view. We are the only company in the UK offering dinosaur workshops and a dome experience together and this make it great value for money with both events covered as one experience.   Visit our full website for example shows and bookings - click www.sciencedome.org.uk  (Secure site) or www.dinosaurdome.co.uk (temporary SSL problem at present on dinosaur site)

Our COVID Secure Planetarium has PPE screens between the presenter and the Bubble Group. We have full air replacement inside the dome with circulation fans and special screens with a full Risk COVID Assessment for the school to inspect.  

Dinosaur Dome offers shows for all age groups, including Dinosaurs, Fossils, Rocks & Soils, and Plate Tectonics & Continental Drift for older pupils. We can provide shows that fit in to your teaching activities in science, geology and geography, giving students an interactive and enjoyable experience that they will not forget!

Dinosaur Dome participants will:

Have fun while learning science in our giant inflatable dome

Experience school curricula presented in a new, exciting way that they will always remember

Be able to ask questions and interact with someone passionate about science with real dinosaur fossils

See the interconnected relationships among sciences such as geology, astronomy, and physics

Be challenged and encouraged to explore science for themselves

Sessions include collections of fossils, rocks, dinosaur bones, ancient oceanic fossils, all to examine and touch by the pupils.


Now available - Brand New! - 2014 film 'Dinosaurs at Dusk' ; 2012 film about Earth and Eco/Climate 'Dynamic Earth' ; 2010 film about the Earth and fossils ; 'Zula Patrol - Down to Earth' for the young.



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