Right of withdrawal

Under our 'Administration Rules' you have the right of withdrawal from a contract made over the website under distance selling rules, however to confirm a hire booking of a Science Dome you will need to enter a hire agreement contract by post. This is a legal contact by post and is binding under our 'Terms and Conditions'. You will sign a booking form to complete this transaction and no deposit is required in advance, as long as you agree to follow our terms, as set out in the booking papers.   

For the Science Zone any workshop payment is taken in advance and cannot be refunded. This is due to cost of setting up the workshop and payment of the third party such as the artist or fossil presenter. In the Science Zone payment for any workshop or special event is in advance by Paypal. Paypal can be cancelled on the website and cash paid over the counter at the Zone in advance of the event. Any illness on day of workshop of the child; we can credit the amount to the next workshop. 


Science Dome--The hire of the dome is subject to insurance and adequate allowance for Health and Safety regulations which will be complied by all staff of the Science Dome. The school or client must ensure that adequate allowance is made to the extra risk to Health and Safety with the dome equipment used in the hall. A hall at ground level is required for an indoor dome hire, adequate flat access to the hall is required for equipment loading. 

Science Dome staff has Standard Disclosure under Criminal Records Bureau however current legislation makes any search not portable to another client, therefore the cost and the requirement falls on the client to ensure a satisfactory search is completed. 

Cancellation by the client is allowed with 30 days notice. Outside that notice period any client cancellation will mean that half fees are payable by the client. The Science Dome company can cancel within 72 hours due to unforeseen circumstances.

Payment is invoiced on the day of the visit and is due within 30 days. If after 30 days any payments are outstanding, we reserve the right to charge a supplement of £30 to cover the cost of any banking charges incurred by ourselves.     

'Science Dome' is a trading name for Admin Support and IT Solutions. 
Registered for VAT and all costs quoted are exclusive of VAT which should be recoverable for most educational establishments. 
VAT registration number 926 3431 30.