HE Vivacious Volcanoes - 13th November- 11:00

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Did volcanoes kill off the dinosaurs???? In this workshop children will make their own erupting volcanoes and learn why and how volcanoes erupt. They will look as some of the amazing rocks and crystals created from volcanic eruptions and learn how the variation in temperature can create the most beautiful and unique patterns. They will then enter our fully digital 360degree planetarium and learn about Volcanoes on Earth and other planets in our Solar System and how they have changed and continue to influence them. They will see the most ferocious volcanoes ever recorded and understand the mixtures of gases, solids and liquids that are created by volcanic eruptions. They will also have free entry into our dinosaur den and sensory rooms. 

This workshop is for children aged 3 years and above and costs £5 + VAT. The session starts at 11:00. We do require a parent or guardian to stay with attending children for all of our sessions. One £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT) ticket entitles 1 CHILD and 1 ADULT to attend a Science Zone Workshop. Please note there is an additional charge of £2.00 for any extra non participating children and/or adults

For any further queries please call 01202 729206 or email us at sciencezone.co.uk

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