Pre-School Stars and Stories 25th February-10:30am

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Get ready for some magic. We'll look at the sky together and find the most beautiful stories to share with you. Those special bright stars will show us the way to a different world. Are you ready to come with us!?

Here at the zone we have one of the most advance planetarium system in the market which we will be using to give a tour of the night's sky, constellations, planets, and storytelling interacting with the little ones.

Our projectors use actual film of the real night sky and project a star field accurately with 10,000 stars. The star field moves across the dome also showing shooting stars and the moon.

The little ones will also have free access to play in the Sensory and Dinosaur Den before and after the workshop.

This workshop is aimed at pre-school aged children. The session starts at 11am. Pre-booking and payment is required in advance. We do require a parent or guardian to stay with attending children for all of our sessions. One £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT) ticket entitles 1 CHILD and 1 ADULT to attend a Science Zone Workshop. Please note there is an additional charge of £2.00 for any extra non participating children and/or adults limited to three per workshop due to space constrictions.

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