Turing Tumble Science Workshop 27th August - 11am and 2pm

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Kids (ages 8+) get to peek under the hood of computers and discover how they work. Turing Tumble allows you to challenge kids to learn coding principles in a hands-on, screen-free way.

Turing Tumble is unlike anything else out there. It actually lets kids see and feel how computers work. It lets them code without getting bogged down by language syntax, and it doesn’t require a phone or tablet to operate. Turing Tumble is used by kids all over the world, finally letting them peek under the hood of computers and discover how they work.

Computers are everywhere. By giving kids a solid understanding of how computers work, we hope that they’ll be better equipped to work with computers in the future and that they'll build the confidence to learn how other things around them work, too.
We use the educator system in this one hour workshop to help explore, play and understand logical thinking of computers. 
A very fun and practical session away from screens but about STEM and computers!
We are running two separate Age groups if numbers allow, so that the older kids do the advanced section. Groups age 8 to 10.  Group age 10 to 14.    One hour for only £10 per child. 
10.30am for a preview. 
Session times for both age groups start at 11am for one hour Or 2pm to 3pm. 


Call 01202 729206 or email for enquiries.

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