PLANETARIUM online event 26th Feb 2021

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Dorset Planetraium and continued planetarium online service through Science Dome UK



Friday 26th Feb 2021 planetarium lockdown online science party.
Dorset planetarium together with Science Zone UK and Science Dome UK presents;
26th Feb 2021 planetarium lockdown online science party.
At 4pm we will start our famous Dinosaur show for all the family in our planetarium together with new 'Giant Dinosaurs' in 360 degree 3D CGI content as well. Suitable for all families, not just the very young. At 5pm we will run our Northern Lights and Stars show which is suitable for adults and children to show the planet positions and the main winter constellations to spot. We end the session with a travel through our 3D solar system view going to Mars and landing on its surface. Seeing the real Mars landscapes and see data from the new Perseverance Rover, the NASA mission that landed in mid-February. As we travel around Mars and the Moon our special planetarium will show real terrain of the surfaces from data files. It is an amazing real view of the planets.
Then we travel outside our solar system to view our Milky Way and then a data model of the other galaxies and the background radiation of the universe.
Ticketed event - please obtain a family Zoom ticket for £6 which covers the two hours.
4pm Dinosaurs and the Giants Show
5pm Northern Lights Planetarium
6pm end

Details of the invitation which should go out to all ticketed members.
You don’t need a ZOOM account but just download a Zoom App on a tablet or phone – this does not require account details to be collected. I would go into a darkened room.
Input the Meeting code and password. Mute sound please. If they want to ask a question – thumb up when a Q&A session (there are a few). There is a ‘Waiting Room’ and you have to wait for a quick security check—this waiting room is fully monitored and can be joined at-any-time.
Zoom broadcast will include a full planetarium (x2), fly through the Solar System and integrated shared screens – all through a Zoom screen broadcasting different sources. They need to make my ZOOM screen the Full Dome screen to view
The Zoom Broadcast will be open from 4pm and broadcasting for two hours. If the 5pm people can join at any time or session—others can stay if required. Mute sound please
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