Home Education Magic Science workshop-18th March 11am

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Ready to experience and learn some tricks!? There's some science behind some of those magic tricks that impress us and keep us wondering "how the magician did THAT"! 

Well get prepared for your kids to get surprised and wondering at first, but finally they will discover what's behind those mysterios tricks and they will do them themselves. 

Our Science Zone Magicians will be bringing their magic wands, hats and maybe even a rabbit!. Your kids? They just need to bring their excitment!. We'll make sure it gets fullfilled. Costume!? Oh yay! They are also very welcome too! if your kids want to join the show to the full! ;-) 

This workshop is for children aged 3 years and upwards, and will last just over an hour. The session starts at 11am. They will have free access to our dinosaur den and sensory rooms, where they have numerous interactive activities and real fossils.

For pre-booking contact Science Zone on 01202 729206 or by e-mail We do require a parent or guardian to stay with attending children for all of our sessions. One £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT) ticket entitles 1 CHILD and 1 ADULT to attend a Science Zone Workshop. Please note there is an additional charge of £2.00 for any extra non participating children and/or adults.

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