Public Events and Fetes

Our outside domes are unique in the country and they consist of two large scale 8 metre diameter domes for the outside.

Domes can now be booked for any major event, indoors for a conference, or outside for a fair or museum event.

For schools fairs we may be able to earn an income for the school by a modest audience charge, with our spilt fees facility.

No charge (as above) for booking but we charge the public on entrance and spilt the fees. Only available for schools to support in South of England- Hants and Dorset, travel and hire costs apply to rest of UK.


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Outside Planetarium Dome

Product no.: Discount750

Immersive 8 metre outdoor domes for large planetarium events.


Our aim; To bring astronomy to the public and make it accessible to all 

£950.00 *
In stock

Festival Dome

Product no.:

Our outside Festival domes are perfect for use in public events including music festivals and fetes    


£950.00 *
In stock
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