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See our full range of Rock and Fossil Display Pieces available here at the Science Zone, including Wall Displays and Geode Bookends.

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Plesiosaur Wall Display

Product no.: SZS-0101

£1,000.00 *
In stock

Microraptor Wall Display

Product no.: SZS-0100

£1,200.00 *
In stock

Ray Fish

Product no.: SZS-0102

£400.00 *
In stock


Product no.: SZS-0103

£400.00 *
In stock

Dinosaur Foot Prints

Product no.: SZS-0104

£100.00 *
In stock


Product no.: SZS-0105

£350.00 *
In stock

Onyx Animal's

Product no.: SZS-0321

£5.00 *
In stock

Foot Prints

Product no.: SZS-0106

£100.00 *
In stock

Onyx Tealight Holders

Product no.: SZS-0322

£3.00 *
In stock


Product no.: SZS-0127

£63.00 *
In stock

Agate Cut Base Geode

Product no.: SZS-0303

Good value offer- Each agate nodule has been cut and polished. Various colours but all with cut base and approx. 3 to 4 inches.

£4.00 *
In stock


Product no.: SZS-0125

£121.00 *
In stock
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